Current condition of the Golf Ibiza courses

Golf Ibiza

Current condition of the Golf Ibiza courses

The grounds are much improved compared to the spring of this year and the courses are in the consolidation phase. Currently the courses have reached optimal conditions for the game, thanks to the work that has been carried out and we are now working to bring the grounds up to championship conditions

The grounds of Golf Ibiza, recreated in a beautiful setting, has one of the most beautiful and spectacular course designs of the Balearic Islands and even of Spain. Today, with the improvements of the last months, the courses are more and more “playable” over all the surfaces, making a fairer, more adjusted game for each handicap and improving the sensations of each golfer every day they enjoy playing on our courses.

The grounds are much improved compared to the spring of this year and the courses are in the consolidation phase. Currently the courses have reached optimal conditions for the game, thanks to the work that has been carried out and we are now working to bring the grounds up to championship conditions.

The grounds are becoming green as maintenance work is carried out to improve the recovery of the lawn, improving its health and nutrition.

Extra-ordinary work carried out on the courses

The same work has been and continues to be carried out for the two courses: Golf Ibiza, 18 holes and Roca Llisa, 9 holes.

Extra-ordinary work is being realised so that the courses will be dressed in green all year round and for the grass to be strong and healthy from the roots. The goal is for the plant to be as healthy as possible so as to avoid any kinds of phytosanitary treatments, which are done in the case of pests or the plant becoming ill.

On the greens we are carrying out four extraordinary major works: pricking, aerating, scarifying, and finally, rolling.

With the pricking and aerating we break down the hydrophobia of the surface of the ground, that is to say, we stop the tendency of the soil to not absorb water and with this we find that the plant can both absorb the water and the nutrients necessary for perfect health.

By means of these two jobs we also eliminate the unstructured earth and the excess of organic matter that is in the soil, as they make it difficult for new, healthy plants to thrive. This is done to enable the soil to breathe, eat and drink. In short, to give the plant and leaf everything they need.

The pricking can be deep or superficial and the holes, thanks to our machines, are indiscernible to the eye of the player, and do not interrupt in the game of the golfer, even though they are open, so that we can fulfill our objective of improving the ground. The new grass holer (pinchadora) has been used with the tractor, a good investment, which undoubtedly facilitates these jobs, greatly benefiting the ground.

Scarification consists of vertical cuts to remove leaf density. In this way, you dispose of excess plant. We had a very aged lawn and through this work they are able to isolate the layers of lawn that are rotting, so only healthy green grass grows on the top. The main objective of this work is to rejuvenate a lawn that has become old over the years. This way we eliminate the old so that the healthy plant can sprout.

With the rolling, we soften the ground and leave it beautiful. In this way, the player will find perfect greens at each hole and on the golf courses.

Golf Ibiza course

In the tees and lanes, although not as intense, the work is exactly the same as in the greens: pricking, aerating, eliminating excess organic matter, infiltration, good nutrient intake, looking for nutritional balance and seeking the sustained, healthy growth of the plant.

With all this labour, we have done a great job of maintaining the courses from the roots of the plant to the surface. All this along with nutritional amendments, fertilizers to reactivate all leaf growth and sustained growth with phytosanitary treatments, so that the plant grows uniformly, strong and healthy; taking us towards the final objective, which is to have a 10 golf course. In addition to plant nutrition, we have managed to bring together a motivated professional team and the results are noticeable.


Much work is being done to ensure that all areas of the two golf courses in Ibiza are well watered with good distribution.

This is achieved by programming and reprogramming the irrigation optimally, without affecting the hours of play of our golfers. Therefore, the irrigation, is adjusted as much as possible to the game. In addition, they are working on automation.

What is the benefit to the golfers from this work?

Thanks to these labours, the golfer can observe the grounds in optimum conditions, his swing is greater in tees and lanes; and in the greens, he is gaining speed in the game and much more homogeneity.

The grounds are taking on a pleasant aspect in looks and for the game.  We have already achieved optimal conditions of the grounds and are now working to obtain championship grounds all the year.

Thanks to the investment in the new Jacobsen machinery and to our great qualified and motivated team we have been able to realize all these improvements with success, assuming a before and after in the courses. The extraordinary work is done from 7 in the morning, trying not to interfere with the golf. This week we are “microholing” (micropinchando) and descarifying in the lanes which will not affect the game or the golfers directly.  When work is carried out at any time that may affect the play of a hole, it will be posted on the web to inform all players.

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