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From September 26th to 28th, Golf Ibiza will host the final of the Soci Aci 2017 Tournament in its 26th edition.  The tournament is a great amateur golf circuit in […]

From September 26th to 28th, Golf Ibiza will host the final of the Soci Aci 2017 Tournament in its 26th edition.  The tournament is a great amateur golf circuit in Italy, celebrated every year and organized by the Soci Aci Automobile Club.

Aci golf, Torneo de Golf


ACI Social Club members who have been classified in the 3 categories will be celebrating the final round on the 18-hole Golf Ibiza course this week. This course will be a great challenge for the golf lover in all of their specialties, where they will have to play with a lot of concentration and foresight. An exciting game that you should not miss if you are in Ibiza and golf is one of your great passions. By means of the final of this great tournament, the winners will be classified for the year.

During the celebration of this grand final, the golf course will remain open for anyone who wants to come and enjoy the final with us.

We are waiting for you at Golf Ibiza!

ACI Storico

The association Aci Storico was born with the aim of preserving the charm and exclusivity of vintage cars. For this reason, the Automobile Club of Italy, launches the association Aci Storico, for the protection of the Italian automotive heritage. ACI Storico is a home to enthusiasts and collectors; a place where vintage cars owners and non-owners can meet to share their passion and great experiences.

Aci Storico

ACI Storico is the motor of projects, services and initiatives designed to update the automotive industry of the time. The goal is to secure a future by improving the knowledge of what has gone before.

In this sense, ACI Storico promotes the development of regulation, offering strategic solutions and products for the industry. An example of this is the list of models with traits of real vintageness, first created by ACI Storico, in compliance with the law, which is a valuable tool for collectors and especially for insurance companies.

Among the concrete and tangible next steps, the establishment of the Historic Registry of the Automobile Club of Italy. The ICA Digital Library is already underway to find and recover the patrimony of documents, books, publications and testimonies of the oldest car bodywork in Italy.

About ACI Social Club

ACI social clubSince its creation in 1905, ACI Social Club has continued to support the evolution of the automotive phenomenon in Italy, from 2,229 vehicles to tens of millions of vehicles currently circulating. An exponential growth that has generated the needs and problems that the Automobile Club of Italy has always analyzed, interpreted and represents, offering services adapted to a reality in constant evolution.

In its more than one hundred years of existence, the Club has become the interpreter of the automobile industry, making a significant contribution to the passion, experience and professionalism, carrying out an important act of citizen protection, in the defense of its right to mobility .

With more than one million members, Automobile Club d’Italia is now the largest free association of citizens in Italy and is proposed as a representative and spokesperson for national and international institutions on tourism, mobility and the environment.

ACI is recognized by the FIA ​​(Automobile Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) as the only National Automobile Authority in Italy. During this time the power of the automobile in sport is rising and the ACI works to promote and spread the passion for this sport, along with people who share this passion for the sport.

In addition, ACI organizes and promotes automotive and non-automotive sports events, such as annual golf tournaments, along with people in the areas of culture, tourism and sport.


ACI Golf

ACI, Automobile Club d’Italia, believes in sport, the ethical values of sport ​​and the spirit of fair play that has inspired the noblest of sports competitions.

For this reason, the Club organizes competitions over terrain, circuits and prestigious golf tournaments, endorsing motorsports and golf.

ACI golf was born thanks to the members of the club, who share the passion and values ​​of this prestigious discipline. Therefore they proposed an annual tournament for all its partners and fans, organized on the best Italian and international golf courses.


Check the calendar and results of the Soci Aci 2017 Tournament here:


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