The low ball in golf

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The low ball in golf

The low ball is a ball lifted into the air but remaining as close to the ground as possible to cover the required distance.

On a golf course we will find different obstacles along the way, such as trees, bunkers, lakes etc. In order to surpass these obstacles we will need to have absolute control of the trajectory of our ball.

What is the low ball??

As the name suggests, the low ball is a ball lifted into the air but remaining as close to the ground as possible to cover the required distance.

When to use the low ball?

Normally this type of stroke would be used when playing on windy days, since the wind has a very large influence on the flight and control of the ball. On very windy days and on courses with many trees and/or very close to the sea, it will be decisive for the result of the low ball to have control over this type of stroke. Finding the right trajectory for each stroke is something that is acquired with years of practice, so I encourage you to start as soon as possible…

We would also use this type of stroke when we are between trees and we have to get back to the lane or on the green keeping away from the branches.

What should be done technically?

Marcos Juan, Golf Ibiza

1.-The first thing to do is to choose one or more clubs than we usually would. For example, at 140 meters I normally play with an “8 iron”. But this time, maybe I should also take an “6 iron”, as it has less degrees.

2.-The second thing is to be very careful not to do a full swing; cutting the climb and the finish, the size of the climb will be fundamental. At the same time we must slow the speed of our swing due to the spin we will place on the ball. If we put too much spin on the ball, it will rise very quickly and we will not achieve our goal, although we will meet the other points mentioned.

3. The third step is to grip the club a little lower down, half-grip, to be closer to the ball and feel the movement of the body in block as a whole. It is necessary to feel that the wrists enter less in the game and that the swing is more horizontal, thus we will guarantee that the impact when hitting the ball goes towards the objective.

I encourage you to do tests, practice, and if you have any doubts, contact our Golf Academy.

See you at Golf Ibiza!



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