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The different golf clubs of the short game are called wedges. Today there is a very large variety of clubs to carry out all possible types of stroke around the […]

The different golf clubs of the short game are called wedges. Today there is a very large variety of clubs to carry out all possible types of stroke around the flag.

Any club that is more than 45° is considered a golf wedge. The different Brands of golf clubs more and more use new names for the different golf clubs, so let’s get to know the classics.

What types of Wedges are there?

Among the types of wedges, there are short game or approximation and forged clubs.

Short game clubs

These are the four types of clubs in the short game or approximation game (from left to right in the photo)

1.Lob Wedge

Between 60° and 64° is the very complicated and at the same time very entertaining Lob wedge; the most lofted club in the whole range. This golf club is a challenge for amateur players, but seeing a obstacle at 30 meters and that the ball brakes completely, is a great feeling of control of the game. It’s a club very much used when the ball is embedded close to a slope in the bunker or when a high approximation stroke is required and you only have a couple of meters for the ball to stop.

2.Gap Wedge

50° to 52° is considered a Gap wedge, a distance of around 80m with a full swing, approximately 20m less than the Pitching wedge.

3.Sand Wedge

Between 56° and 58° is considered a wedge of sand, although in the world of golf its denomination is Sand wedge. A comfortable distance for this club is usually around 60m. As its name indicates, it is the most often used club inside the bunkers that are around the Green.

4.Piching Wedge

The clubs of 46° to 48° are considered a Pitching Wedge, they serve to make distances of around a 100m.

All of them are imperative today in the bag of a professional player. As the maximum amount of clubs allowed are 14, professional players prefer to sacrifice a long iron or a street wood and have a wide range of clubs to use in the game around the Green.

And finally, we can mention another category of wedges, the forged clubs and their difference with respect to the short game clubs.

Forged Clubs

Forged Clubs. From left to right: Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge y Lob Wedge.

There is a big difference between the back cavity in the short game or approximation clubs and the forged or famous Blade clubs used by the best players in the world.

A club with a back cavity, as is the case of short game clubs, is a club that forgives much more a non-centered impact, although the feeling of control is not as great as with a forged club. Any middle-level amateur player should use clubs with a back cavity. The percentage of high strokes is substantially higher than with forged clubs.

The back cavity on the club helps the area of correct impact to be much larger than on clubs without a back cavity, however, the forged club allows greater control for more advanced golfers. Professional and amateur players of the first level use the forged club; as aside from the beauty of a blade, the control of the distance and braking on the Green is much greater.

Do you know which type of club is right for your game?

Good luck and on to the flag!



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