The importance of your grip

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The importance of your grip

What is the grip? The golf grip is the way that we place our hands on the club to enable a good stroke.As well as the posture that we adopt, […]

What is the grip?

The golf grip is the way that we place our hands on the club to enable a good stroke.As well as the posture that we adopt, thanks to a good grip, we will make a good execution of the stroke.

Why is that important?

The grip is important because the positioning of our hands on the golf club permits the control of the of the orientation of its face at the moment of impact(open,closed or square on) Also, this permits us to have more fluid movement on our wrists and in consequence, better the strength in moving the club.

The correct way to position ourselves is to stand in front of the ball with our arms and hands relaxed. By doing it like this, we can hold the club in our fingers and then, better the fluidity and motion during the swing.

If we stand in front of the ball in tension. We will end up holding the club in our palms and therefore will have next to no movability in the swing.

A golf grip with little pressure in the fingers will not help to make strong strokes and we will lose precision in the stroke. However, with a correct amount of pressure, we will increase the potency and precision of our strokes.

How to arrive at the best grip?

  1. When we let our arms relax vertically, the hands have a natural position which we need to conserve.
  2. Holding the club in your fingers without changing the position of the hands (the club will stay in your fingers because where you hold it is slim and is made to be held like this.
  3. The pressure of the grip is very important because it enables us to move the club of 300 gramms easily, precisely and strongly.

Exactly the same is the Stance, the position you adopt  in the moment of executing the stroke, the grip is fundamental in executing a fluid and consistent movement.

Having a good grip is a very precise and subtle thing. In other words, it s not something that you can learn from a verbal explanation or  from a book but, through practising and following the instructions of a good, professional golfer. The advice and monitoring of a teacher in this case, is basic. With time and practise, you yourself will notice that your stroke improves as, you develope your grip.

Have a good game of Golf and see you soon at  Golf Ibiza!!


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