Internal Golf rules

Internal Golf rules

The purpose of these Regulations is to facilitate the use of the Golf facilities of Ibiza, so that the enjoyment of them is as appropriate as possible.

The sport of golf, although highly competitive, is based mainly on respect for other players and/or users, establishing rules based on the principles of courtesy and politeness. These rules ensure maximum enjoyment of the game by all players.

In these rules of the game we try to summarise the main guidelines on how every player and/or user should behave both in the game of golf and in the Golf Ibiza facilities.

Thank you in advance for your attention to these standards of courtesy and behaviour.



Every player should pay special attention to any action that may be considered disrespectful, such as throwing papers on the field, smoking or littering in general, shouting, disrespecting and hitting or mistreating any element of the field.

No person shall walk through the field without any specific function.

The following should be taken into account:


To play on any of the courses you must be in possession of the corresponding federative license issued in Spain, or be accompanied by a golf instructor authorized by Golf Ibiza.

Any user wishing to play on the golf course must go to the reception desk beforehand, where they will be informed of the available departure times and, if necessary, will be given a Green-fee. Access to the course from another point may be subject to a penalty without prior warning.

  1. Each player may reserve a departure time and inform the reception of the players who will form the play group.
  2. The starting times will be determined by the golf reception, the one requested by the player will always prevail if available.
  3. All reservations will be made starting from Hole 1. Exceptionally, the reception will be able to give departures from other holes.
  4. There is a maximum number of 4 players per match. All matches of one, two or three people can be reorganised by the golf management.

The Green-fee must always be in the player’s possession so that it can be controlled and identified by the Marshal, or staff designated by the Golf Ibiza management, from the time the player leaves the course until the end of the game.

Each player must have his own bag of clubs, and it is strictly forbidden to play on the field with two or more players sharing the same bag.


Players must be considerate of the other players on the field and not disturb their play by doing the following:

  • Using his mobile phone on the field.
  • Moving, talking or making unnecessary noise.
  • Advancing his situation on the field ahead of the player to whom it belongs to play.
  • Standing near or behind the ball, or shading it over its line of play when a player is about to play.
  • On the green, players must not stand on another player’s putt line or shade the putt line.
  • On the green, when removing the flag from the kick-off hole, the flag must not be allowed to rest on the green in line with any of the other players’ putt lines.
  • Replenish the divots in tees and fairways, as well as fix the pitch mark on the green.

If a worker is seen working in the field, the player should make sure, before striking, that he has been seen and allowed sufficient time for the workers to take cover.


Players must comply with all instructions received from them, or from the person designated by the Golf Management.

They have the power to issue verbal warnings, make disciplinary reports and, after two warnings, require a player or user to leave the field or facilities. In cases that, due to their seriousness, require it, they may require the abandonment of the field or facilities without prior notice.


  1. Players must ensure when executing a stroke or practice swing that no one is near or in a position that could be hit by the club, ball or any stone, branch or the like.
  2. If players miss the shot and the ball goes to a place where there are other players, field workers or anyone else, they must immediately shout “BALL!
  3. Any activity on the course other than golf is prohibited, such as strolling along the courses, jogging, or parking anywhere, especially on the greens, fairways, lakesides, unless expressly authorized in writing by the Ibiza Golf Board.


On the driving range and in the training putting-greens, only and exclusively, training practices can be carried out, according to the customs and habits of the game of golf. In areas where putting is practised, it is forbidden to cause any damage to the grass by wearing inappropriate footwear or by using golf clubs to cause divots.

For the dress code in this area, see point 7 of these regulations.

The balls from the driving range, owned by Golf Ibiza, may only be used on the driving range and may not be used on the putting-green or on the courses of Roca Llisa (9 Holes) and Golf Ibiza (18 Holes).


  • You must play at a good pace and keep it up, and go to the ball at a good pace.
  • Matches that have lost distance must give way to the next match.
  • The Marshall, or another person designated by the Ibiza Golf Board, may issue a maximum of two warnings; in the event of a third warning for slow play, players are obliged to leave the golf course without the right to return the paid green fee.

Lost ball

If a player believes that a ball is lost outside a water hazard, or is out of bounds, to save time, they must play a provisional ball.

When we look for a ball, if we see that it will not be easy to find, we will let it pass to the next match, before exhausting the five minutes allowed for its search.


  • The priority on the field is determined by the “pace of play of a match”, regardless of the number of players in the group.
  • If a match loses track, it must give way to the next match.
  • A player alone is not a match, and it is recommended that he join another player, or invite them to come to the matches that follow him.
  • Matches with more than four players are not allowed.
  • It is recommended that the matches be made up of four players, in order to give the greatest number of users the chance to play.


Players should pay due attention to the care of the course.

In the Tees

  • The practice tee swing will take place in the nearest place, outside the tee, without disturbing the other players and always taking care of the safety conditions towards them and the physical condition of the tee.
  • Before leaving a tee, players must fix any markings, divots or holes made by themselves or others.

In the Bunkers

  • Before leaving a bunker, the player must fix and smooth out any marks or holes made by himself or others with the rake.

On the Streets

  • After a hit, the player places the “divot” in place.
  • Players must avoid causing any damage to the field by pulling out divots while swinging practice or by hitting the head of a club on the ground, whether out of anger or for any other reason.

At the Green

  • On the green you must repair the ball’s pitch mark, and if possible you must fix both your own and another player’s pitch mark.
  • Inside the Green all players should walk with due care not to damage it, and repair any damage they may see.
  • On the green, special care should be taken not to damage the edge of the hole when removing or setting the flag.
  • The ball must not be removed from the hole of the green with the putt head or any other club.
  • Players should not lean on their clubs when on the green, especially when removing the ball from the hole.



Both electric and manual trolleys, as well as bags without trolleys, should be kept out of the green, anchor and tees areas.


The use of the buggy is limited to two people and a maximum of two bags.

Buggies must be kept at a distance of at least 15 metres from tees, greens, lakes and signals.

The use of these is limited to the paths and Roughs of the course, always respecting the signs, and the use of the fairways may be authorised by the Ibiza Golf Management.

The responsibility derived from the use of the buggies will be exclusively of the user who drives it. Disciplinary and financial liability will be imposed on those who misuse or overuse the buggies.

The use of buggies may be prohibited due to the state of the course, car or other circumstances.

These buggies may be rented to persons under 16 years of age, provided that each vehicle has a person of legal age who is responsible for the proper use of the same or the minor has the express permission of the Golf Management.


Players must wear appropriate clothing for golf, and may not wear tracksuits, jeans, shirts without collars or shoulders, vest tops or swimsuits.

Accompanying persons or caddies in a golf match must wear the appropriate clothing and footwear, with the same dress restrictions as the players.

What is the ideal outfit?

Men’s shorts or long trousers, not allowing the use of jeans.

Ladies are welcome to wear sports skirts or other sportswear that is not inappropriate for the sport.

A polo is the ideal outfit for golf.

Sports shoes should be worn, and the golf shoe is recommended for players on the course and sports shoes in the practice area.


The exercise of any economic activity within the facilities of Golf Ibiza will not be permitted without the express written permission of Golf Ibiza, as the consequence of this activity may result in the immediate expulsion from the course of the person who carries out the activity, without this entailing the refund of any price/amount paid in the facilities of Golf Ibiza.


The timetable will always be available at the reception desk of the Ibiza Golf Course.


The staff of the course and/or the person designated by the Ibiza Golf Management may issue warnings to players or users in the form of a verbal or written warning if they should perform an act or omission that breaches these rules.


In order for a player and/or user to be sanctioned, the management of the centre must assess the seriousness of their performance at the facilities on the basis of information provided by field staff or by more than one player/user.

In cases where the seriousness of the situation so requires, the Marshal, or the staff designated by the golf management, may sanction a player or user of Golf Ibiza with the immediate abandonment of the facilities, exercising the right of admission based on the rules set out in these Regulations.

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